Zurreal Rewards

Forget what you think you know about rewards programmes.  Zurreal consists of 2 exceptional solutions aimed at providing your employees with tangible benefits they want and need, regardless of their geographical location. The programme’s innovative benefit structures are seamlessly integrated into each of the Agility Corporate solutions and offer a variety of health and wellbeing benefits.

The basic entry-level programme, Zurreal, is available free of charge to your entire workforce, and offers a wealth of assistance benefits (from financial and legal advice to a health hotline) and thousands of discounts and deals that can be accessed via phone, internet or mobile.  There are no points to earn or benefit levels to achieve, thus employees reap the benefits from day one.

Zurreal Platinum

Packed with cash back rewards to the value of R36 000, the exceptional, enhanced Zurreal Platinum wellbeing and rewards programme offers exclusive benefits and rewards which include:

  • Gym regards for visiting the gym regularly

  • Entry fees to selected sporting events refunded

  • Cash for undergoing a range of  health check-ups

  • An education rebate when you study further

  • A new and exclusive school fee rebate for your employees who have children

  • Golf rewards earned by playing a regular round of golf