Why Agility HealthPocket is your ideal selling partner

You’re a pro at selling products to your individual clients and have mastered the process of closing the deal.  But what about all the paperwork, all the effort of finding products that are exactly what your client is looking for? Let’s take a look at why the Agility HealthPocket is just what you need in your sales arsenal to make things simpler and faster all round.


Your ideal sales pitch for chronic clients

Want an amazing added element to make your sales pitch that much stronger?   

When your client asks about the chronic cover they will enjoy on their medical scheme, you can now tell them all about Patient Driven Care™ (PDC™). All Agility Health's medical schemes don’t just offer the usual monitoring of how often your client takes their medication. Rather, we take things a step further to include a ground-breaking new chronic management programme that gives them additional medical care when they need it most.

Let’s take a quick look at how PDC™ works and how it will keep your clients with chronic conditions that much healthier, for that much longer.


5 things your clients should know about PMBs

Every broker tells their clients about Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs), but what is the basic information your client needs to know to avoid them misunderstanding what PMBs mean for their healthcare cover? Here are 5 important facts every broker should tell their clients about PMBs.