Is it possible for this industry to address all of the issues on our own? Probably not, which is why the importance of Associations, Tourism boards and a strong relationship with the Government is critical.  This is where regulation, taxation, security and air access begin and ends, as a business owner focussed on growing your occupation levels, you are at the mercy of industry outcomes.

Evaluating online feedback sites gives an indication of what visitors really think.  In the first two lines of their feedback, 94% of the reviewers reflect positively about interaction they had enjoyed with the staff at different establishments.  It was this interaction that they remembered most, long before the safety and security issues or even the booking process.  

If our people are so key to contributing to our country’s reputation as one of the top tourist destinations in the world, now more than ever it is our responsibility to invest in their wellness.

Companies can no longer only extend medical health benefits to their ‘C-suite’ management which is why AgilityHospitality, a specialised solution designed by Agility and HEALTH SQUARED Medical Scheme takes into account the industry’s unique human capital needs and assists employers to achieve happier, healthier staff who are more productive, loyal and committed, less absent and actively contributing to the business’ overall success.

Investing in an end-to-end employee health, risk and wellbeing solution, such as the AgilityHospitality offering, provides an opportunity for employers in the hospitality industry to uniquely safeguard their workforce both now and into the future.