Agility Hospitalitynot only has the expertise to effectively manage your human capital, but has extensive experience in the hospitality industry to boot.  This means that we understand the unique challenges which you face and the importance of effective employee management in the success of your business.


Regardless of the size of your business or its location, AgilityHospitalitycan design you a tailor-made solution to suit your unique needs.  Best of all, because our solutions are fully integrated, you receive one, integrated report of your overall human capital risk and the implementation and outcomes of your solution.


Furthermore, because our options fit together seamlessly, there is no overlapping (i.e. wasteful) products and because our wellbeing programmes and health cover are linked to give you complete preventative and curative care, your employee risk is effectively identified and at risk employees directed to the care they need timeously.


Agility Hospitalityensures your business enjoys:

·      Lower absenteeism

·      Higher productivity

·      A positive impact on your bottom line

·      Positive company image viewed as employer of choice

·      Healthy, motivated employees ensure satisfied customers who return to your business time and again

The solution consists of a vast array of product options which can briefly be categorised as follows:



·      Employee Wellbeing Programme– With a choice of the Coreprogramme free of charge for all businesses which  offers the HEALTH SQUARD Medical Scheme to their employees and the Comprehensive programme which includes a whole host of face to face preventative and risk addressing initiatives

·       Health cover – In the form of 11 medical scheme options, a primary healthcare offering for low income earners, gap and co-payment cover, as well as a medical savings card for added employee medical cover or basic provision for part-time/seasonal workers 

·       Group Risk benefits – A full bouquet of exceptional group life, disability, funeral and other benefits at reduced rates 

·      Retirement funding – Exceptional retirement fund solutions that are not only accessible, but also cost-effective and ensures best of breed asset management and returns on investment

·      Rewards –Free access to the AgilityRewardsprogramme for all employees, which offers discounts and deals at over 6 000 partners and a helpful Assist  benefit, and the option to upgrade toAgilityRewards Platinumand earn up to R37 650 in cash-back rewards


Invest in your integrated, flexible and cost effective Agility Hospitality solution today!