The number of youngsters who choose agriculture as a career and who live and work in rural areas has sharply declined in recent years due to promising individuals choosing to rather pursue opportunities in cities, where there are more jobs, which tend to offer greater employment benefits.


A trusted, valued staff member – whether skilled or unskilled – is worth their weight in gold and the more we are able to attract and retain quality people within the agricultural sector the better it will be for our country in terms of future economic growth and food security.


By nurturing positive relationships with employees through providing access to healthcare, employee benefits and employee wellbeing programmes that address the daily challenges employees face, agricultural employers can make marked in-roads towards securing the future of their ventures and the agricultural sector as a whole.


Not only does the integrated health, risk and wellbeing solution serve to attract and retain quality staff but it also stimulates output. The AgilityAgri approach integrates a number of processes and products into a unique, seamless solution for employers and employees alike, ensuring better management of human capital risk. 


AgilityStaffCare takes care of occupational health amongst low-income employees, AgilityEmployee Wellbeing provides holistic preventative and productivity management, incorporating absenteeism management, while AgilityLife offers group risk benefits. Medical scheme and health benefits, from primary through tertiary healthcare, are available through AgilityAgri’s medical scheme partner, HEALTH SQUAREDAgilityGap & CoPay, and the popular ZurrealHealthcard. Healthcare cover through Health Squared can be seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive medical scheme, gap and co-pay cover, health savings, employee wellbeing and employee benefits solution. This is offered as a single, integrated offering with reporting and accessibility uniquely simplified. 


Completing this 360-degree solution, AgilityRetirement Fund Solutions caters to the need for retirement benefits. 


Investing in an end-to-end employee health, risk and wellbeing solution can result in considerable savings for the employer while ensuring that valued staff members are retained and their contributions optimised for many years to come. 


A flexible option to provide staff with access to additional healthcare, such as physiotherapy, psychologist counselling and over-the-counter medicine, was made available through the Zurreal Healthcard. This innovative healthcare savings solution allows the employer to load funds onto a card that functions as a debit card, but can only be used for health-related expenses. 


Free telephonic psychological and financial counselling provided through Agility’s rewards and wellbeing partner, Zurreal, assists staff to address some of the root causes of stress and anxiety, contributing to their overall wellbeing. 


At Agility, we know how practical businesses operating in the farming environment must be to survive, and we know that with the correct human capital risk management support the industry is not only sustainable, but it is set to flourish.