What type of medical scheme cover is right for your client?

Traditional options

“Traditional options offer exceptional rand value with access to both in- and out-of-hospital health cover. These options furthermore offer great peace of mind and, hypothetically, if a member on a traditional option were to require care across all the categories of services available, they would be able to claim significantly more value than they contributed in a single year.´

“However, it is essential to stress to clients opting for a traditional options that the remaining benefits do not roll over to accumulate for the following year, but rather are replenished annually.” Traditional options have become increasingly popular in recent times, particularly amongst younger families, as clients look to the security offered by benefit allocations.


New generation options

HEALTH SQUARED’s Millennium and Millennium Select options are proving particularly popular among larger and more established families. A great advantage of these plans is that families only pay for two child dependants, as we provide free cover for the third child, as well as subsequent children.” 

The difference between these two variants of the benefit option is that Millennium Select is an efficiency discounted option, which provides more affordable cover to the same benefits for members who are willing to make use of the Scheme’s extensive designated healthcare provider networks. 

“Our members appreciate the unlimited access to oncology benefits, as well as cover for 59 chronic conditions, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD].” 

While the structured benefits are granted on an annual basis, as is the case with traditional benefit options, any remaining savings in the PMSA component of such plans are accrued year-on-year and it is thus not feasible to compare a new generation option directly with a traditional one. 


Hybrid benefit options

With the “best of both worlds”, hybrid options combine the structure of traditional benefit options with the flexibility of new generation options, and deliver exceptional value for members who are looking for greater freedom in terms of cover for their day-to-day healthcare needs. 

“Hybrid options are particularly well suited to large families who are looking for the security of comprehensive structured in-hospital cover but wish to keep their out-of-hospital cover fluid so that they are not limited in terms of access to the different categories of care.”

“The inclusion of all these types of options means that HEALTH SQUARED really does have members covered from every angle. These products can also be seamlessly integrated with the Agility HealthPocket for individuals or AgilityCorporate for businesses, allowing consumers to build their own health cover to suit their requirements. 

“For those making use of this composite solution, any qualifying shortfall that may otherwise result in co-payments for members when they submit a claim, is automatically directed to claim from their Gapcover so that the member is not required to pay out of their pockets unnecessarily, while our systems take care of the paperwork on their behalf.”

“With the breadth of healthcare cover available, there is a HEALTH SQUARED solution to suit every need. Understanding the structural elements of each type of benefit option is key to deciding which type of cover is best suited to your client’s family or business’s health requirements. 

For more information on the HEALTH SQUARED options, speak to your dedicated consultant.