One of South Africa’s longest standing medical schemes, Spectramed offers its employee groups and individual member base Next Generation™ healthcare cover, which includes a unique combination of the traditional and savings options.  Structured to meet the unique healthcare needs of all members at each life stage, the following five benefit options are available:

Spectra Cobalt

Spectra Cobalt is the number one choice for all members, as it offers the most generous benefits of all the Spectramed options.

Spectra Azure

Spectra Azure is regarded as Spectramed’s most popular option, as it offers unlimited in-hospital coverage, plus dentistry and other day-to-day care.

Spectra Capri

Spectra Capri appeals to the healthier member, but is also thoroughly reliable when it comes to comprehensive hospital cover.

Spectra Cyan

Spectra Cyan is considered the best value-for-money option and has proven to be very popular amongst the younger and healthier members.

Spectra Aqua 

Spectra Aqua is known as the perfect option for first-time healthcare buyers, or healthy members who are looking for pure in-hospital cover.