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Low-income and semi-skilled or unskilled employees are often neglected in most employee benefit structures with few organisations realising the solid business case for placing a premium on the wellbeing of their entire staff complement.

Seamlessly integrating with an organisation’s occupational health strategy, the Agility StaffCare Occupational Health solution provides lower-income employees with access to a dedicated network of healthcare providers for their day-to-day needs, as well as disability, funeral, and income replacement cover.

The Agility StaffCare product structure is perfectly suited to lower-income employees, thus enabling your full staff complement to take care of their basic healthcare needs. The Agility StaffCare product provides for the following benefits:

Benefits for employers

  • An integrated and complementary occupational health solution that takes the fuss out of basic healthcare provision

  • Reduced absenteeism as employees have ready access to private healthcare

  • Higher staff productivity with less downtime

  • Able to position your business as an employer of choice as a result of quality staff benefits

  • Fewer industrial issues as our solution is simple and fuss-free

  • The wellbeing and rewards programme places a key focus on an overall healthier lifestyle

Benefits for employees

  • Access to private healthcare via a wide network of healthcare providers like doctors, dentists, and optometrists

  • No having to spend hours in queues at public health centres

  • Immediate treatment after diagnosis

  • Optional added funeral and income replacement cover

  • Optional hospital cash cover

  • Access to financial, legal, and health hotlines via a wellbeing and rewards programm

Agility StaffCare includes

Additional benefits such as income replacement, disability, daily hospital cash and funeral cover benefits can be added to the above at an additional nominal fee.

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